Get serious about not being serious

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The answer to everything is a smile.

Meditation is a practice that involves cultivating a relaxed, non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. While meditation can be a serious practice, it is important to remember that taking a too serious or rigid approach to meditation can actually hinder its benefits. Here are some reasons why not to be too serious during meditation:

  1. Increased stress: Approaching meditation with a serious or rigid mindset can create unnecessary pressure and stress, counteracting the benefits of relaxation and calm that meditation is intended to promote.
  2. Self-judgment: A serious approach to meditation can lead to self-judgment and negative self-talk if an individual feels they are not “doing it right.” This can detract from the positive effects of meditation on self-acceptance and self-compassion.
  3. Reduced enjoyment: Taking a more lighthearted approach to meditation can help individuals to enjoy the practice and feel more motivated to continue.
  4. Increased flexibility: Being too serious about meditation can lead to rigid expectations and limiting beliefs about what the practice should look like. A more flexible approach can allow for greater creativity and adaptability in one’s meditation practice.

In conclusion, while meditation is a serious practice that requires dedication and consistency, it is important to approach it with a light, open mindset. By cultivating a sense of playfulness and curiosity, individuals can approach meditation with greater ease, enjoy the practice more fully, and reap its many benefits.